The Tide comes in and rushes back Out

The formations of the rocks, the cave with an opening to the ocean .  The ocean to me is the most beautiful place on earth.  Then why on earth am I here in the desert Nevada and before that Arizona.  The love of our children and the need to be near them, that is the reason, for leaving the beautiful and awesome Brookings Oregon, also known as the Sunbelt of the Coast.

Well here we are semi retired, still an RN with longings to still be doing bedside nursing.  So doing nothing for now. With terrible pain from Fibromyalgia , Arthritis and too many disc problems to count. And oh yes let us not forget about the osteoarthritis in the knees. So, you ask, Do I want a little cheese with my Whine.

So while I am looking for something to do to bring in money. I find that I have time to really work on this blog. Which has been a long time waiting for my inspiration. So as the tide comes in it definitely rushes back out just like my thoughts, wishes, dreams and inspirations.  I believe that is all for today, I will try to add my thoughts every few days then hopefully I will get the hang of it. Any opinions, lessons ect are welcome.