Ocean Lighthouses

I love pictures of the Ocean and Lighthouses. Cannot seem to get enough of them. Just View my pinterest account and you will see what I am talking about. I started this blog some time ago and just couldn’t get into it. So since I am semi- retired there is no time like now to just jump in and see if I sink or swim.
I am an RN living in Nevada far from home. We moved out here to be closer to our children but I truly believe We saw them more when we lived in Arizona. I have mobile difficulties due to fibromyalgia and disc problems in neck and back so it is no longer an option to be a bedside nurse. It is really sad because what does a person do that has been a RN for over 25 years. On interviews they do not hire you because they think you are too old to keep up. So here I am trying to figure out what I should do now. Well Thanks for reading.


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Native American and French. Mother of five grown children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Born in California. I have been an RN for 27 years and LVN 2 years and a CNA for 6 years. Married to my husband Pete for 49 years, to be married 50 years this year.

One thought on “Ocean Lighthouses”

  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog! We have several things in common–retired nurse, move to be near children, and fibro. And the courage to get up and face the world each day! Keep on plugging with your blog. I like lighthouses too.


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