Magic is a wonder, a dream, an accomplishment.

I searched for my Dad for so many years since I was a child. Searched him in my dreams, other people oh was that him, no never to be found.

I wrote him letters never to be sent and I always wondered why he never came, why did he not look for me or send me a letter. I would have treasured it forever.

Then came the internet and Ancestry, the search was on and on and on. Years went by no Dad to be found. Even as an adult I continued to wonder why why why.

Then last week I decided to give it one last try. You see it was so hard to search and search and find so many that were not him.  So I gave this last attempt and there he was it was like magic true magic a dream come true.

There was his picture on my computer it was like he was looking back at me. I could see all of his features and it was like looking in a mirror. I cried cried and cried.

Those tears were for all the love I felt for him and all the regret fell away for all the years I had searched for him. Then I looked at his picture and said, “Why Why Why”












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Native American and French. Mother of five grown children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Born in California. I have been an RN for 27 years and LVN 2 years and a CNA for 6 years. Married to my husband Pete for 49 years, to be married 50 years this year.

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