November in Blogging U.: Last call!

As I posted on my blog I wanted to take the class but the procrastinator that I am missed the deadline any suggestions I believe that I really do need to learn

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Registration for November’s courses is now closed! See what’s coming up in December.

Ready to commit to better blogging? We’ve got three ways to do it with Blogging U. next month:

  • Blogging 101: Zero to Hero (Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 20th): One new task each day to help you publish, customize your blog, and engage with the blogging community. Learn more.
  • Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration (November 2nd to Friday, November 27th): Cultivate a daily writing habit while finding fresh inspiration in unexpected places. Learn more.
  • Blogging 201: Intermediate Customization (Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 13th): An in-depth look at free customizing features. Learn more.

Creating my blog and signing up for the Blogging 101, 201, and Writing 101 courses has given me the confidence to branch out and away from what I had always thought I would write about. I’ve found my voice and I wake up every day…

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Native American and French. Mother of five grown children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Born in California. I have been an RN for 27 years and LVN 2 years and a CNA for 6 years. Married to my husband Pete for 49 years, to be married 50 years this year.

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